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Comparison Campaign of VLBI Data Analysis Software

The Comparison Campaign was started with the goal to compare different VLBI analysis software packages on the basis of the computed delay and its partial derivatives. Here you find detailed information and the corresponding data files.

Find instructions to take part in the Information note.
In order to learn more about your software and the settings you used for the calculation, please fill out the Analysis Report and send it with your results.

C04 like EOP file:
EOP file for the time of observation: EOP

prepared data files for OCCAM users:
NGS-files for DeDeCC1, reduced mode: NGS_reduced
NGS-files for DeDeCC1, full mode: NGS_full
Catalogue file : 2005EXT1.CAT
EOP.yy files: EOP

Calc users:
Reduced databases prepared by D. Gordon: Calc_DB

If you have problems with zipped files, you can also download the files separately from the download directory.

L. Plank, J. Boehm, H. Schuh: "Comparison Campaign of VLBI Data Analysis Software First Results"; presented at the IVS GM 2010, Hobart, AUS
L. Plank, J. Boehm, H. Schuh: "DeDeCC - Comparison of VLBI data analysis software - results"; presented at the 12th IVS Analysis Workshop, March 31, 2011, Bonn, GER

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